As If, And What
, the first UK all-women skate scene film, is almost ready! The brain child of Rogue Skateboards owner Jenna Selby, the multi-talented legend has been working her fingers to the bone filming, riding, compiling footage and editing (with the same output as a team of 10) for the last six months. And finally, the fruit of her labour will be showing to the public very soon... In what's set to be a groundbreaking and inspiring homage to the most underground of UK skate scenes, riders in the flick include Lucy Adams, Sam Bruce, Rebecca Aimee Davies, Maria Falbo, Sadie Hollins, Helena Long, Lois Pendlebury, vert legend Sue Hazel plus plenty more. And, we're promised 'an eclectic mix of skating, lots of handbags, hair pulling and maybe the odd kickflip to fakie.' 

The location is as yet unannouced, but will be showing prior to the Crossfire Christmas Jam - on Saturday December 12 at 7pm. So if you're a brit with even a vague interest in rolling on four wheels keep that date free.