Snowboarder Leanne Pelosi interviews on Fuel, Transworld & more


After her company, Runway Films, garnered huge acclaim for their all-female snowboard film See What I See last winter Leanne Pelosi took a break from filming to concentrate on actually riding - really stepping things up nabbing a part with prestigious Tahoe-based film crew Standard Films. 

A huge achievement already (only legends Janna Mayen and Tara Dakides have filmed with them previously), the K2 / Bonfire / Monster and more sponsored pro's filming schedule was then unfortunately cut short due to injury. But, that's not stopped 'Party' Pelosi raking in the column inches - as there are now interviews with her everywhere, from Transworld Snow to Method Europe, Fuel TV to random aussie websites...
In the current issue of Method - Europe's edgier snowboard publication - photographer Christy Chaloux interviews and portraits her long time friend Leanne. Check out Christy's blog for details on the piece:

Leanne talks injuries, the future of Runway, See What I See, Standard and pushing progession as she catches up with Liam Gallagher on

It starts out pretty patronising, but Fuel have short and sharp Q&A with Leanne online. (Personal rant: why do male interviewees always feel they have to reference how 'sexy' female athletes are when they write about them - surely the fact that she's accomplished, talented and successful is enough? Fragile male, egos I guess).

Australian site Boardworld, also chats with the Calgary born pro shred:

And finally, ex MGT camper and super focused UK indoor rider Emily Park gets interviewed herself, by her mentor and coach Leanne for Canadian website on what it's like to learn with the best:

One of the most prolific and friendly snowboarders, read up on Pelosi's latest projects and feel inspired.

[photos: K2 snowboarding and Bonfire Outerwear]

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